Wednesday, August 15, 2007

more august picks

Holy Cow Man! Another Pete's Picks already!?! Well.... here's the one that should have been up,.... like months ago! Still catching up,...and I'm off to San Diego and Chicago (as I write this yo!) So I'm more then sure I'll have sooo much more great books to read and let the plugging begin! YEEEEAAAY! First up is a little number from Oni Press (check them out if you haven't as of yet...very good Indy's there!) a book called Shenanigans! There are very few books I would say..."Yes, go buy this now"....but I have to say ..."go buy this now!!!" If you love love story's (lets just call it what it is!) then you will enjoy this zany romp with goofy man, the main character Holden, leading the way through his very bad scheme and worst attempt to catch his one and only. Writer Ian Shaughnessy (great work) and Mike Holmes (great work) could not have done a better job... I only wanted more! .....may be a sequel?!? Another Arcana book!?! Yes,.. but a very different tale, done in a very different way. Jova's Harvest by creator Steve Uy is a biblical story of modern beauty. A real pleasure to read, though you may have to push yourself though the beginning to get a taste and a feel for the way people talk in this very quirky story. The pay off is real good, another charm is its animation-ish style art to go with it. Steve Uy may have done very little in the amount of work,... but he clearly thinks his work through and has very rich characters. A very good choice. The next two books are brought to us by Bloodfire Studios (the publishers of Jeromy' Coz'x Vampyrates (the wonderful colorist creation, and Lee Kohse's Kinder Goth! Goth vs Aliens. Wowzeer!) They sent these books to us to check out and take a first up is....... Intergalactic! Impressive name,... and a wonderful book. Writer, artist, creator has taken all that is good with the good old days of such story's that where a big part of the early days of Heavy Metal and made it his own! Alyssis Entopy is a soldier in the intergalactic war (and sexy hot too!) Join her and a cool cast of weirdos in this tightly packed space opera tale with great art to boot! A really good add to any collection. Utopiates.....geeeez, what can I say about this book!?! Directly from the Bloodfire website... " likened to "A Scanner Darkly" "The Matrix" and "Strange Days" Utopiates is a near future story set around the concept that science has been able to distill personalities into liquid form. This allows people to inject these imprints and become "someone else"!!! Its all that and more,... a incredible read and a joy to look at! The story is just genius and plays out in a very unique way with visuals that amaze. A must read,.. I was overjoyed to get the first 4 issues in the mail, and even more ecstatic to sit down and read this very outrageous tale that could very well be a evil future possibility...scary but true! Go get this baby,.. you won't be able to put it down, or stop thinking about it! Highly recommended!!! So Buddy's, that it for now (until after my mini comic convention tour...staring me!) I'll return with some new boffo-o books soon enough. Until then, stretch out on your comfy bed, turn your nightlight on, and open to the next page.......a new universe of the fantastic awaits! See you all later.......cheers, Peter Palmiotti .

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

august picks

Still working on the Indy theme of picks, here goes some more of those wacky independents,...

Marvel and DC may very well be the foundation of the comic book industry....but the Indy's are the house itself! (if that makes sense!?!)

First up is Vampires Unlimited, a book published by sort of newbie publisher but all around nice guy Bart Thompson and his company Apporation Comics.

So everyone loves vampires,..well me too! So I was pleased to give this one a read, here are some of my thoughts. I liked it,..and wish to read the next issue. The writing by Bart is fair but I felt it could have grabbed me better, there where elements that I thought seemed original and even exciting. but I'm wondering who these people are!?! A little more character in his characters would have added much to this first issue. I do realize that this is his epic, and much more is to be fleshed out and reveled.

The art by Paul Caesar and Tony Moreira while defiantly not top pro quality,was good. I do look forward to see how they develop as a team with a few more issue under their belts. I it, liked but needs a good editor as 'they' say! (perhaps Bart will ask could happen!) So yeah,...not a bad job...a 6 out of ten to be much more specific.

So here we go again with another book from comic publisher Arcana (they seem to be growing recently!) With a book called American Wasteland! (only bad things can be inside with a name like that!)

First let me mention that the writer/creator mister R.D.Hall himself, was one of many that Mark and myself interviewed at the 2007 New York Comic Con,...and those interviews will be put up on the website somewhere down the line.

Jerron (our webmaster) has done a fabulous job putting the site together,...but we are all learning how to do everything we do here at The Comic book Novice (I myself am so far behind in doing these Picks...just ask Mark) Well enough with the boo-hoo's,.. on with the picks!

Writer R.D. Hall with artists Mark Kidwell, Tony Bledsoe and Jay Fotos (who did what? me.) Have created a dark world of the vampires ( I sense a theme),.. hillbilly's and shots of whiskey (or beer if you'd prefer!) Very much done in the dark comedy vein with lots of creepy ugly dudes lead by most-est ugly dude and top dead man, Johnny Copperhead! A very enjoyable b-movie tale, with visuals that really look as if done by only one artist. I do have it in the know that artist Andrew Mangum joins the team with issue two,... I'm really looking forward to watching him cut lose with his art. Andrew (yes....a buddy of mine on myspace!) is a new talent on the verge of blowing up,... so keep your eyes pealed! (it all guns and guts and laughs a plenty. Pick it up,... you won't be let down.

A very new publisher to the game,.. with the potential to really impact it in a way that hasn't been done since Cross-gen. (maybe a bad example,.. but a lot of what cross-gen started as well as most of the artists and writers are a good part of today's comics and their look. ..well I think so.) So who am I talking about....I'm talking about Virgin Comics, headed by Sir Richard Branson with (as if he himself isn't enough) Deepak Chopra (guru himself), and his son Shekhar Chopak. There on a mission folks,.. and they got the top talent to make it happen! The book I was given (by Mark Mazz,..a recommended read...he said.) is Guy Ritchie's Game Keeper!

So the deal is Guy Richie (Snatch, Lock stock and two smoking barrels fame) along with Andy Diggle (losers for vertigo, and much else) created a rich history for the main character and rich cast. I almost don't want to give it away,..let me say it a really good read along with slightly manga painted pages by Mukesh Singh. The colors are rich and vibrant. The story telling and pacing are great,.. its an action adventure. The writers (Andy does write based on Guy concepts,.. but there is a back and forth with them bouncing ideas as well as character and story development.) they know how to grab you, and how to unfold a story. Go check it out.

So lastly, I have in my sweaty big hands (I know what your thinking,... bad, bad!) is a mini graphic novel by our good friends at Image comics called simply.........She-dragon! Written By creator Eric Larson (I just dig his love for comics,.. and mostly they where the comics I grew up reading...yes, yes! Back in the day,...we'll leave it at that! LOL!!!)

So here Eric with new talent Franchesco (the dude who did the Chosen Few promo piece! An amazing job... and nice inks! Hehe!) Spin a tale of high adventure and comedy as only She-dragon can pull off. I you enjoy Eric's work, Franchesco's truly gorgeous women,.... uhh, art! Or just crazy zany other worldly meatballs...then this ones for you!!!

So,.. this marks the end of yet another Pete's Picks....please do check out as many of these books as possibly. With the Internet life is that much easier to go see art and even buy some of these bad boys, the independents love and need your support! Tell em' Petey Pop set ya! ...slater!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July's Picks

O.k., its been way to loooong for a Pete's Pick (as Mark tells me!) So here's a brand spankin' new one for all you good guys and gals! I present to you...

One graphic novel based on characters/situations from a movie and its sequel,... one novel with comic book pages, and lastly one illustrated graphic novel with the real history of the modern word! Wow, that's alot....lets get started!!!

First up is 28Days later: The Aftermath (can you guess what this is based on?!?) Written by boo man Steve Niles and Drawn by three different artistic talents... Dennis Calero, Diego Olmos, and Nat Jones! (good work by all the artists) I will keep this one short,... I'm sure most of you have seen movie adaptations before (more and more are being made it seems) An now with Fox Atomic, 20th century fox has a graphic novel division created with building on/from their very own movies! There first to print is 28 Days later: the aftermath! I was a fan of 28 days later,... and we at the Comic book Novice have seen and enjoyed 28 weeks later.... the problem as I see it with The Aftermath,.. while its interesting and insightful into the world of 28,... its overly thin. Only big fans of 28 and Steve Niles need apply.

Next up,...something more for the teen crowd, is STUFF! *for ages 12 and over.... but not too over.) Written by Jeremy Strong, art by Matthew Armstrong (Strong/Armstrong... what are the chances!?!) A clever idea and pretty good execution is this tale of angst as Stuff (as he is called) deals with trouble at home as well as at school, how to split up with his girl and attract someone new, all the while at the advise of a dedicated teacher Stuff creates a new world that reflects his own within a comic strip. Some of those pages are incorporated into the novel. A device that's used to look for Stuff's life answers while having alittle fun at it. The writer has written an entertaining story along with artist Matthew Armstrong who does a wonderfully playful job just perfect for this light and easy tale for teens! A good job,... would love to see more of this,.. maybe just a tad more detailed (story wise.)

And last up....but the best of this little group is an illustrated guild to the world called.......The cartoon history of the Modern World! By Larry Gonick (story and art!) First let me say, that I am in no way a fan of history....that is to say, after about ten minutes of anyone going over a past event, my mind starts wandering (don't take it personally!) It has changed since I went to school (it used to be about 2 minutes!) but not by much....until I read this book!!! I loved it,... a comic book version of the history of the modern world! Wonderful! With witty and funny takes on real events,..a great world wide tale of how and why the formation of religion and government took place. Very insightful,..clever, and awesomely executed! A must read for anyone! And highly recommended reading to kids especially!

Well,...that almost raps up this Pete's Pick except to say that all of the above where published by Harper Collins (and copies sent to us here at Comic book novice! ) So,... you see it is true.... if you have a comic book/novel/ or even a fanzine that you wish for us to review....please send it to us,..I will make sure to Pick it for ya!

Peace and be well.......Peter Palmiotti.

p.s.Jennifer says Cap is still dead,... sorry folks!

Friday, March 16, 2007

March Picks

Hello again and welcome back to Peter’s picks! I’ve been buried up to my eyeballs around this time with gearing up to and coming down from New York Comic Con but enough about me! This time around we got some independents to chat about,.. and because of that the following reviews will be a little more personal,.. because that’s the thing with Indy guys and gals…its there blood and tears, as well as their wallet on the line for books that may never pay them back in money but certainly in love! On with the comics!


Runners – Sean Wang - story, art, lettering, gray tones, and almost everything else! (except production assist. By Peggy Twardowski!) It is an Indy! Published by Serve Man Press! HA!

This is an all ages book, excellent for the whole family! I met Sean awhile ago and besides being a good guy just trying to make head way with his own book in this industry, he does a bang up job crafting a well read sci-fi story! It also holds within its covers some of the cleanest, crispiest ,sharpest , alien fun filled visuals I’ve seen in some time! Really well done art! (did I say?) Its a little Star wars, some futureama thrown in and just a tad of Smokey and the Bandit! Alien smugglers in a space faring adventure where the outlaws run wild! The first 5 issues have been collected in a beautiful bound trade with sparking pages to amaze and delight!
If I had to ask for anything, it would be …more! Four Stars and thumbs up! Go to and buy one…now…please!

Gearhead – Script - Dennis Hopeless Pencils – Kevin Mellon
Inks – Ed Herrera Colors – Alexey Strakhove
Published by Arcana Studios
I’ve met Dennis and Kevin at the New York con (got the whole gang of Arcana in our live interviews, coming soonage!!!) they are a couple of great guys. (even Kevin who said I couldn’t dance!!! Damn you! LOL!) and they may be fresh onto the comic scene but I have to admit a good book when I see one. I’m hooked! And you may ask whats so great about this book? A hot dragster who kicks butt for kicks is suddenly thrust into the superhero world, being hunted and taking up her fathers mantle as Gearhead! Not a book for the kiddies, this ones got bloody fighting and adult language. Dennis crafted a simple premise that leaves me wanting more. And a oh so beautifully drawn book as well from both Kevin and Ed! They bring us outstanding visuals to salivate over! I just love Kevin’s work (check the great cover!). If there was anything to complain about it would be the coloring,..while really nice, I would point it out as just a tad heavy.
Gearhead is part of my ‘books to pick up!’ so you know it must be good!
That’s it for this time,…more indys in the next installment of…………..Peter Palmiotti’s Powerful Picks!....uh….yeaaaah!

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Creeper, Rush City & AntMan

Hello all, once again Welcome to Peter’s Picks! Let’s get started!

The Creeper

Story: Steve Niles
Art: Justiniano (kind of like Madonna)
Inks: Waldon Wong
Colors: Chris Chucky
Format: 6 issue mini
I’m a big fan of Justiniano’s work since the Human Race!
Awesome work on that one, please check it out! On Creepy unfortunately he
did not do the whole mini (two issues went to Steve Scott, not bad, but not
the J man!) but what he did do was great to look at and just…uh creepy!
Waldon did his stand up work and Chris is outstanding with his colors, I
love the dudes work!!!. I’ve only read a short list of Steve’s work, but
very much dig the workings of his craft! Not a big fan of everything thats
been done post crisis in the DCU but this one worked without wiping out
what’s fun about Mr. Creeper. Thumbs up on this one!

Rush City
Story: Chuck Dixon
Art: Timothy Green II
Inks: Rick Magyar
Colors: Jose Villarrubia
Format: 6 issue mini (I’ve read up to issue 4)
Another good pick would have to be this one,..not outstanding story
wise but fun and interesting. A good tale for Chuck, sometimes his works
have been too standard for my tastes but I like this one. The true feature
of this book is Tim’s work,..I’m liking his line very much, not your normal
comic approach or common line work, definitely look for this mans work, it’s
truly a treat as well! (He did the comic adaptation of AEon Flux!) The
inking by Rick is nicely done and what can one say about the incredible
Jose,..except that this is by no means his best work but a clean, crisp well
done job

The Irredeemable Ant Man!....what?
Story: Robert Kirkman
Art: Phil Hester
Inks: Ande Parks
Colors: Bill Crabtree
Again…What? Yes a comic one can wonder what the hell was Marvel (2 for
DC, had to go Marvel…that makes DC =2, Marvel =2…next time we go indy!!!)
thinking,…but I love it! A funny funny book (ongoing as far as I can tell,
up to ish 5!) with a great terrible hero!?! Robert (The Walking Dead
genius!) spins a tale of a guy you just want to slap,..funny, did I say
that!!! Phil’s work is perfectly suited for this strange tale and does a
fine job,..its all the more funny because of his pacing and layouts! Great
job! Sure because the art is sort of blocky you might think anyone could ink
this! Well then you don’t know anything about inking pal, I do! And Ande
does a great job, as well as Billy boy with his nice color work! Great book
all around. One just wonders if Marvel will keep this one going,..I mean the
guy is a jerk! Please support this baby, it rocks!!!

That is all my friends, until next time….peace, peter!

If you wish for me to review your book, Please send them to:
M.F.C. Studios
P.O. Box 134
Rosedale, N.Y. 11422
Attn: Pete's Pick's

First Post

Hello and welcome to Pete's picks! Where each week I'll go out of my way to bring you the best of the best,.. or maybe just some trash I'm currently reading, one never knows. It's all fun and oh sooo good! My name is Peter Palmiotti (yes, brother of the amazing Jimmy Palmiotti - inker, writer and a great all around guy!) for those of you still living under a rock (no demerits for you, just be careful the next time we meet buddy!). To all that don't know me well...I'm more inclined than not to pick up a book just because of the art (being an inker and whatnot...geez do I really have to explain?) If you have a book you would like to submitt to Pete's Picks you can email me: make sure you put "Pete's Picks" in the subject line.
Ya gotta love it to read it so here it goes my friends, since this is worldwide, lets hope I get it right the first time or it's back of the class for me! EEEEK!
My first love has always been with Marvel (sorry...I'll get to everyone else in due time!) And what better Marvel title to start with then...(wait for it) ASTONISING X-MEN!!! published by Marvelcomics.

Issues 1-19 (I've read them all!)
So, does the art captivate me? is the storytelling there? Is it glorious? Yes, across the board! John Cassaday can draw rings around most of his fellow artists of today. He's got style and "throws punches" when it's called for. The story is "slow" due to (as I see it) two factors. 1) Because everything nowadays is getting collected into trades (6 issues re-printed in one book) so that the whole story has to play out in a set amount of pages rather than because the story flows as needed. And 2) because the writer wanted something that stood out from all the other X-titles and hype, so that it has a slightly more magna kind of feel to it storywise...sort-a. But regardless, Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy and writer of this here book.) along with John created something of their own as well as a fun and enjoyable read. Besides, (and lets face it)...if they (the creative team) really screw the story up, Marvel can always go back and change it after they're gone!
So to sum it up, pretty to look at AND fun to read!
Well that's it for now folks, more of a quick pick until I get more sophisticated at this (please bear with me.) I will start to really dig into the story as well as how well the creators work together once I get a few of these picks under my belt, I'm a man of few words in "real" life but I do have my insights into the telling of a good book, both visual as well as
words wise! Please join me next time and let me know what you think (if its good. HA!)

Peace out my comic peeps,.. this is Peter Pop signing off until next time!
Peter Palmiotti